New Digital Worker

The New Digital Worker is the embodiment of our goal to inspire, inform, and innovate

Inspire – Inform – Innovate

We’re firm believers that the future of the business world will rely heavily on automation, and by automating your processes early using leading RPA and Emerging Technologies, you can get ahead of the curve and remain competitive in a fast-moving marketplace.

And Mekkanos is here to guide you every step of the way.

The New Digital Worker
As our signature IT solution, a digital worker takes advantage of Robotic Process Automation and Emerging Technologies like OCR, Chatbots, Blockchain to deliver an automated team member that can be trained to carry out any digital business process just like an employee – only faster and more accurately.
Using advanced processing power like Visual Process Automation, Conversational Process Automation, and Robotic Process Automation, our bots/chatbots make it easier to drive efficiency throughout your workforce. From manual rule-based jobs in the areas of accounting and HR, to recruitment, customer service, and IT support, our robots are capable of doing everything from recognizing handwriting and reading documents, to filing timesheets and connecting with customers – all using advanced OCR automated tech.

It’s Time To Embrace The Future
If you’re ready to learn all about how The New Digital Worker can help your business flourish, contact us today and let’s get started.

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